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Legacy of a Thousand Suns - Official Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around. Player Attribute Bars & Avatar

Each Player can see their Avatar (Face only) in the upper left corner of the screen along with information on Level, Current Experience, Next Level Experience threshold and Experience needed to level up. By clicking on the avatar, you can also gain quick access to the Profile tab. You can also see the attribute bars for Health, Energy, Stamina and Honor. Next to the avatar is the amount of Golden Suns and Credits you own. Golden Suns are the in-game currency for limited time items. One Golden Sun is awarded every odd level. You start the game with 20. Next to each attribute bar you see the regeneration timers for them, depending on the player’s class.

  • Health: Signifies the player’s health status. You cannot fight or do Raids if health is below 10. Adding a skill point will add +10 Health points
  • Energy: Used in missions. Adding a skill point will add +1 Energy
  • Stamina: Used in PvP & Raids. Requires 2 skill points to add +1 Stamina
  • Honor: Used in Alliance Raids & Interstellar Beat downs. One point is added with each level up. You must be in an alliance to use it.

Next to your health bar there is the Quick Heal button, which will tell you how many credits you need to completely heal, and heal you if you click it. Next to Credits indicator, there is the Quick Stash button that will immediately bank your money if you click it. (Also see Shop for alternatives to healing and stashing) Limited Time Items

Every 2 weeks, 4 new Golden Suns (GS) items will be introduced, and the previous items will rotate out of the game. You can also find these and other GS items in the Shop section. Announcements/News

This section lists the latest news and most important updates of Legacy of a Thousand Suns. Details about each update will be given in the Change/Updates Log in our forums. Music/Sound Effects Toggle On/Off

On the upper right corner of the screen, you can see a musical note and a speaker. You can use them to toggle the music and sound effects On or Off, respectively. If you like the music of Legacy of a Thousand Suns, you can download the mp3s from the Downloads section of our forums

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