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Thread: Soldier of Fortune for hire

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    Soldier of Fortune for hire

    "In 2012 , a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the galactic underground. Today, still wanted by the Sian Empire, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem...if no one else can help...and if you can find them...maybe you can hire...Ally2None."

    After a bit of thought I have made my decision to become a soldier of fortune as a community service to the people of LotS. My mission is simple: do what I am "hired" to do. Here are my requirements and procedures.

    -I never stay in one place for too long. It may be my personality, it may be my innate desire to explore. But once my mission is complete I will leave until called upon again.

    -I am respectful to everyone I encounter. So if the mission you give me is in any way hurtful or defamatory to another player, I must decline.

    -No one goes un-helped. Similar to my FPS motto "No opponent goes un-killed", my motto for this game is different as it is purely a cooperative game. I have held up my FPS motto to this day, and I plan to uphold my motto here as well.

    -Once you ask for help, I will respond ASAP, however, because my personal schedule or another mission may currently be underway, I may not be able to accept your mission prominently.

    -I am not giving a direct way to contact me or else that would be a bit to easy. Ask around, you will probably meet someone who knows how to get in touch. This is also how I get my missions, word of mouth. This thread is strictly to set my ground rules.

    Types of missions that I accept:

    -The first and foremost types of missions I accept are alliance raid help. This means I cannot do more than one mission at once. By asking for my help you understand that I may leave thereafter in order to attend to other missions.

    -I will also help with stamina raids,when and where I can. I am not a Super Hitter, but I can pack quite a punch to bring back some failing raids. These missions, unless requested in advance, are not guaranteed to succeed. I'm sure you will understand the volume I could get these requests by. Because of this, I ask for these requests to be limited to a few instances:
    -private raids. Among you alliance only or a small group. I can help ensure the raid dies without the raid going public and dying before members finish their damage.
    -tactic application. I have a wide range of tactics that I can apply to raids. Just say the word and It shall be done. Here are some of my rarer tactics: AoD, Trap, SW, MWG, RS, WYGD, QPE, and FTR.

    I am willing and able to help any and all that call upon me. Journey well!

    NOTE: I expect no compensation in any way and I am only playing on the FB/Standalone server. Only your thanks!

    UPDATE: Although I do jump around a lot, I try to help everyone that I can. Miasma 1 is my latest effort. I have tried to help recruiting and will continue to do so even when I'm gone. If you are looking for a small homely alliance, look no further than Miasma 1 alliance link:
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    Hi Mercenary

    Good and nice idea, but on which Platform do you play?

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